Hiring PSU Student Positions: GIS Support Technician for Freshwater Trust

INR is accepting applications for three PSU student positions for Spring through Summer term 2022. Students will assist with geospatial data creation for The Freshwater Trust's restoration scenario simulations by digitizing agricultural areas and hydrologic features. Wage is $15/hr. See the full announcement and apply by sending a résumé and cover letter to lwise[at]pdx.edu OR apply via PSU Handshake.

Hiring Aquatic Monitoring positions for 2022 field season

INR is accepting applications for field positions starting in spring 2022: Aquatic Monitoring Crew Lead, Aquatic Monitoring Crew Field Technician, and Aquatic Monitoring Riparian Botanist. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and will continue until all positions are filled. Hiring will be completed when all positions are filled.

Faculty and Staff Positions

Staff positions will be posted to the PSU and OSU job boads, when available.

Student Positions

We occasionally have paid student positions open. You must be enrolled as a student at PSU and taking either 6 or more undergraduate credits or 5 or more graduate credits to be eligible. Student positions are posted on PSU's Handshake careers site.

Volunteering and Internships

We are always looking for volunteers; if you are interested please contact us. PSU students may be eligible for course credit.