Independent Research and Science Team

The Independent Research & Science Team (IRST) is a group of scientists appointed by Oregon Board of Forestry to provide science-based recommendations and technical information to assist the Board of Forestry in determining when it is necessary or advisable to adjust rules, guidance, and training programs to achieve the biological goals and objectives. INR was selected as the housing agency for IRST and provides staff support.

IRST works with the Adaptive Management Program Committee (interest group representatives) to implement the adaptive management program. In particular, the IRST and INR are responsible for:

  • Working with the AMPC to refine research questions;
  • Drafting requests for proposals to address research questions;
  • Recommending proposals for funding;
  • Administering proposals selected;
  • Preparing summaries of the results of funded research;
  • Drafting and maintaining the IRST charter; and,
  • Holding IRST meetings as required under the Oregon Public Meetings Law.

More information on the background and ongoing operations can be found on the Oregon Department of Forestry website.