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The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC) is part of the Institute for Natural Resources and is based at Portland State University. ORBIC leads INR's biodiversity and conservation work; and, its key function is to maintain, develop and distribute biodiversity information in Oregon. The center works with partners across the region to provide the most comprehensive information on plants, wildlife, fish, fungi, and vegetation communities throughout Oregon. ORBIC houses a wealth of information, including the most comprehensive database of rare, threatened and endangered species of Oregon. ORBIC was originally formed by the Oregon Legislature in 1979 as the Oregon Natural Heritage Program. 

Rare Species List Review

It's that time again for our triennial update our publication, "Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species of Oregon", last revision in 2016.

We held a meeting to discuss rare plant and fungi changes on Thursday, October 11 in Corvallis, Oregon State University campus. Recommendations discussed during this meeting are posted to a Google Sheet for others to review (no Google login is required, just click the link to access). Please note that final decisions have not been made and changes may continue until the publication of our RTE book in 2019.

You are welcome to send in your recommendations for list changes during our review period before publication. Please submit all comments in writing (e-mail or mail) to our office.

Information needed:

1) Species name - with the authority, if known.

2) What you are proposing - e.g. from one list to another, new add, de-listing, etc.

3) Reasons for the proposal - please articulate with as much specific detail as possible

4) Any other comments or helpful information - e.g. for new adds, any information or links that might aid in identification, habitat description etc.

5) Proponent(s) name and contact information - only needed if you are submitting for someone else

Send recommendations to Sue Vrilakas ( or Lindsey Wise ( or Michael Russell ( Please note that John Christy has retired from our program but has not left the botanical realm.  Non-vascular comments, questions, and issues will now be handled by Michael Russell.

Check our website at, to see the previous lists and publications. 

Thank you for your participation!