Data Access: Free Public Tools  

For inquiries that do not require precise rare species locations, we have several tools available for summarized reports and other products. 

  • NatureServe Explorer provides range-wide information on North American species status, trends, and threats, with input from Oregon Biodiversity Information Center and other members of the NatureServe Network.
  • Oregon Biodiversity Explorer lets users create species and habitat lists at the 6th field watershed level.
  • Oregon Wildlife Explorer provides species profiles and predicted habitat maps for Oregon’s rare and common birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP) allows a rapid assessment of the functions and values of wetlands, and reports on the presence of known rare wetland species.
  • Oregon Renewable Energy Siting Tool allows prospective developers to input project data in order to get a coarse level perspective of potential land use and military considerations.