Sean Gordon

Forest Landscapes Lead
[email protected]

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B.A. Psychology / Computer Science, Yale College, 1987
M.E.M. Yale School of the Environment, 1991
Ph.D. College of Forestry, Oregon State University, 2006

Sean's experience is in the practice of environmental policy analysis, planning and monitoring, with an emphasis on forested landscapes. He has particular interests in the development of multi-criteria assessments and information systems for supporting natural resource decisions. In recent projects he has developed GIS-based watershed condition assessment techniques for the federal interagency NW Forest Plan Watershed Monitoring Program, led a NSF project with 10 partners to address the information needs of landscape collaboratives, developed multi-criteria decision support methods for the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project, and worked with the Washington Dept. of Natural Resources on a spotted owl dispersal model for their state forest environmental impact assessment process. Prior to his doctoral work, he spent 10 years in Washington DC working on natural resources information and technology projects for the World Resources Institute and Conservation International.  Links to his publications can be found at 

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