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Megan Creutzburg

Research Associate
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B.A. Biology-Environmental Studies, Whitman College, 2003
PhD Ecology, Utah State University, 2009

Megan is a Research Associate and has been working with the INR team since 2010. She is currently the technical coordinator for two large, multi-stakeholder projects, including implementation of the state Sage-Grouse Action Plan and the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer. Prior to these current projects, she spent several years working on large landscape assessments across diverse ecosystems in the western United States, studying the cumulative impacts of vegetation succession, climate, disturbances and management on vegetation condition, carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat. See below for more information on current and past projects.

Location: INR-Portland

Current projects include:

SageCon: Megan is the technical coordinator for the state Sage-Grouse Action Plan, adopted by the state of Oregon in 2015. She is helping coordinate across state and federal agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other partners to implement the plan to improve sagebrush steppe habitat conditions and stabilize sage-grouse populations. In particular, she is coordinating efforts to build tools for tracking development and facilitating smart placement of development and restoration projects, helping to bring together an integrated monitoring plan, and ensuring sage-grouse efforts are coordinated across a large number of stakeholders. For more information see the SageCon website:

Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer: Megan is providing project management and coordination for the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer project on the Oregon Explorer Natural Resources Digital Library site. The project will build data viewer and reporting functions to provide wildfire information to both public audiences (homeowners and community leaders) and fire management professionals to aid in development of community wildfire protection plans. The site is currently under construction but will be available here:

Previous projects include:

Forest Planning Assessments: INR has worked with many National Forests throughout the West to support their forest plan revisions. Megan worked with the Rio Grande National Forest (2014-15) and Coronado National Forest (2012) to run analyses of historic, current, and projected future conditions under varying management alternatives and evaluate desired outcomes.

Oregon Coast Range Modeling Study: As part of Rob Scheller’s lab at Portland State University, Megan led a study integrating climate change, wildfire, timber harvest, and bioenergy harvest in the Oregon Coast Range. See the project website and related links here:

Climate, Management and Habitat in the Pacific Northwest: In 2014, INR completed an analysis of the impacts of climate change and land management in three regions of the Pacific Northwest: Southeast Oregon, Northwest Washington, and Southwest Oregon. Megan led the rangeland modeling in Southeast Oregon. Data, reports and publications can be found here:

Integrated Landscape Assessment Project (ILAP): From 2010-2012, Megan worked with the ILAP modeling team to develop state-and-transition models for arid lands in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico. For more information and access to models and data see the ILAP website: