Kyla Zaret

Wetland Ecologist
[email protected]

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B.A. Biology, Reed College, 2002
M.S. Resource Conservation, University of Montana, 2011
Ph.D. Candidate, Earth, Environment & Society, Portland State University, 2014 to Present

Kyla began working with INR in 2014 as a GIS Analyst.  She is excited to be moving into her new role as Wetland Ecologist, whereby she looks forward to promoting knowledge, appreciation and conservation of Oregon’s wetlands.  Prior to joining INR, Kyla worked with the Montana Natural Heritage Program to produce data for the National Wetland Inventory and conduct ecological condition assessments of ground-water dependent ecosystems.  Her current doctoral research also intersects with wetlands: Kyla is a Ph.D. candidate in the interdisciplinary Earth, Environment and Society program at Portland State University, where her research examines the resilience of forested wetlands under changing fire and climate regimes in Chilean Patagonia, as well as the socio-political barriers to knowledge/information exchange between landowners and land managers.

Current & recent projects:

  • Modeling the benefits (e.g., flood attenuation) of individual wetlands in the Willamette Valley; a collaborative project with The Wetlands Conservancy, funded by Meyer Memorial Trust.
  • Updating the Oregon Wetlands Cover, an Oregon GIS Framework dataset.
  • Digitizing Local Wetland Inventories and consolidating them into a single geodatabase for the Department of State Lands.
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