Gary Lettman

ILAP Principal Forest Economist
[email protected]

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Gary Lettman is the Principal Forest Economist for ongoing INR studies tracking and projecting land use change in Oregon and Washington. From 1990-2011 he was the Principal Forest Economist for the Oregon Department of Forestry. From 2011-2015 he published studies and book chapters comparing land use policies and laws in Washington and Oregon and the resulting differences in land use changes between the states from the mid-1970s through 2009.

Gary's current research interests include: 1) Updating the Oregon and Washington land use studies, 2) Projecting land use change for both states, and 3) researching the implications of land use and land use change on water quality, wildland fire, and other resource lands issues of interest to policy makers.

Remote location:  Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem

INR - Portland