Dylan O'Leary

Rangeland Science and Technology Transfer Specialist - OSU, INR-Corvallis
[email protected]

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BS Biology, Ithaca College 2012
MS Field Naturalist Program, University of Vermont 2023

Born and raised in Bradenton, FL Dylan grew up shuffling his feet through highways of sting rays in the Gulf of Mexico before spending most of his formative years near the Adirondack Mountains of New York. In 2012, he earned a B.S. in biology at Ithaca College with a focus on animal behavior. He then spent a decade exploring conservation opportunities around the country for organizations like The Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management, and Great Basin Institute before obtaining an MS in Plant Biology with the Field Naturalist Program at the University of Vermont in 2023. For his applied masters project, Dylan worked with The Nature Conservancy and Oregon Desert Land Trust to provide an upland vegetation assessment for a 500,000-acre working cattle ranch near the Trout Creek Mountains in Harney County, OR. Whether he’s tracking snowshoe hares in the Poconos, monitoring the sage grouse populations of California, or even watching that small, spinning loading graphic of GIS software at work, Dylan falls in love with every opportunity to use his passion as a naturalist to solve environmental problems. He likes to take his friends sailing, observe the Krumholtz by ski, and has a marked propensity for embracing the path of most resistance.

INR - Corvallis