Angela Sakrison

GIS Analyst / Geographer
[email protected]

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B.A. Literature and Writing, Bard College, 2008
Certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, 2012
M.E.S., Resource Management, University of Pennsylvania, 2013
Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University (in progress)

Angela Sakrison is a geographer and spatial analyst interested in how climate change is shifting the ways in which we manage natural and human environments. Angela has master’s in Resource Management and a certificate in GIS from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in geography at Arizona State University. Angela has built Python-based GIS tools for predictive modeling of sea-level rise and wetland migration in the Puget Sound region. They have also done habitat mapping and species distribution modeling using the R platform as a research assistant in the ASU Vegetation and Landscape Ecology Lab. Angela has also worked in private industry, including as an editor at Google Maps and on LIDAR processing and quality control for Quantum Spatial. They have taught a wide range of GIS courses at the University of Pennsylvania, Arizona State University, Portland Community College, Lewis and Clark College, and the University of Washington. Recently they have been part of the multidisciplinary collective Another Worldly Energies, where they explore what geography can bring to the table in collaboration with artists, theorists, and science and technology studies.

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