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Geum triflorum var. campanulatum, photograph by Don Eastman.We are constantly striving to improve our data sets and to incorporate all information available on rare, threatened and endangered species of Oregon. We incorporate survey information from a variety of sources including state and federal agencies, non-profit conservation groups, independent contractors, and private organizations.

If you have information on any of these species (see our Rare Species of Oregon page for the most recent list) and would like to submit a sighting report, you can use our animal form or plant form, or contact us (see contact information below). If you have existing photos with a GPS location to upload or would like to map locations online, you can add observations to our iNaturalist Rare Species of Oregon project.

We also accept digital datasets (databases, spreadsheets, GIS files, etc). If you notice any errors or have any questions regarding the Rare Species of Oregon book or this web site, please contact us.

Data Contacts

Lindsey Wise (for plant information)

Eleanor Gaines (for animal information)

General questions or comments[email protected].


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