Vascular Plant Ranks

Documentation forms for Oregon state and global ranks for vascular plants are provided in the table below. For detailed information on the ranking process, see Ranking Documentation. For a brief description of the meaning of the rank codes, see Rare Species Ranking Definitions. Species for which only a G-rank form is available are Oregon endemics, thus the S-rank information for these species is the same as the G-rank.

Tables of Results: Vascular Plants  |  Fungi  |  Vertebrates   |  Invertebrates

Vascular Plants

Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank Climate Vulnerability Rank Date Climate Vulnerability Date
Abronia umbellata ssp. breviflora Pink sandverbena G4G5T2 S1 High   2016-08-17
Achnatherum hendersonii Henderson ricegrass G3 S2 Moderate   2016-08-17
Achnatherum wallowaense Wallowa ricegrass G2G3 S2S3 Moderate   2016-08-17
Agrostis howellii Howell's bentgrass G2 S2 Extreme   2016-07-08
Aliciella triodon Coyote gilia G5 S2   2016-04-20  
Allium dictuon Blue Mt. onion G2 S2 Less Vulnerable   2016-08-01
Amsinckia carinata Malheur Valley fiddleneck G2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Arabis koehleri var. koehleri Koehler's rockcress G3T1Q S1 High   2016-08-15
Arabis macdonaldiana Red Mountain rockcress G2 S1 Presumed Stable 2012-12-12 2012-12-21
Arabis modesta Rogue Canyon rockcress G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2016-08-15
Arctostaphylos hispidula Gasquet manzanita G3 S2 Moderate   2016-08-15
Artemisia pycnocephala Coastal sagewort G4G5 S1 Extreme   2020-01-07
Astragalus applegatei Applegate's milk-vetch G1 S1 High 2012-11-16 2012-11-26
Astragalus californicus California milk-vetch G3 S1 Moderate   2016-08-10
Astragalus diaphanus var. diurnus South Fork John Day milk-vetch G4T2Q S2 High   2020-05-05
Astragalus lemmonii Lemmon's milk-vetch G2 S1 High 2013-04-29 2013-04-29
Astragalus misellus var. misellus Pauper milk-vetch G3T2? S2 Moderate   2020-05-05
Astragalus mulfordiae Mulford's milk-vetch G2 S1 Moderate 2013-04-22 2015-05-27
Astragalus peckii Peck's milk-vetch G3 S3 Moderate 2010-05-28 2016-08-16
Astragalus tegetarioides Bastard kentrophyta G3 S3 High 2010-05-31 2016-08-17
Astragalus tyghensis Tygh Valley milkvetch G2 S2 High   2016-08-01
Bensoniella oregana Bensonia G3 S3 High 2010-06-18 2016-08-15
Boechera atrorubens Sickle-pod rockcress G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Boechera hastatula Hells Canyon rockcress G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-01
Boechera horizontalis Crater Lake rockcress G1 S1 High   2016-08-01
Boechera paddoensis Mt. Adams rockcress G1 S1   2016-04-21  
Botrychium ascendens Upward-lobed moonwort G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-01
Botrychium crenulatum Crenulate moonwort G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-01
Botrychium lineare Slender moonwort G2G3 S1 High   2017-06-01
Botrychium montanum Mountain grape-fern G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-01
Botrychium paradoxum Peculiar moonwort G3G4 S1 Moderate 2013-01-29 2013-01-29
Botrychium pedunculosum Stalked moonwort G2G3 S1 Moderate   2017-06-01
Botrychium pumicola Pumice grape-fern G3 S3 Moderate 2010-06-21 2017-06-01
Brodiaea terrestris Dwarf brodiaea G4G5 S2 Extreme   2020-05-06
Calamagrostis breweri Brewer's reedgrass G3 S2 Extreme   2017-06-01
Calamagrostis tweedyi Tweedy's reedgrass G3 S1   2016-04-21  
California macrophylla Large-leaved filaree G3 S1 Moderate   2020-01-31
Calochortus coxii Cox's mariposa-lily G1 S1 Moderate 2012-11-16 2012-11-16
Calochortus greenei Greene's mariposa-lily G3 S3 Moderate 2010-06-23 2017-06-01
Calochortus howellii Howell's mariposa-lily G3 S3 Moderate 2010-06-25 2017-06-01
Calochortus longebarbatus var. peckii Peck's mariposa-lily G4T3 S3 Extreme 2010-06-28 2019-08-14
Calochortus nitidus Broad fruit mariposa lily G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Calochortus persistens Siskiyou mariposa-lily G2 S1 Presumed Stable 2013-03-29 2013-03-29
Calochortus umpquaensis Umpqua mariposa lily G3 S3 Moderate   2017-06-01
Camassia howellii Howell's camas G2 S2 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Camissonia parvula Lewis' river suncup G5 S2   2016-06-14  
Cardamine pattersonii Saddle Mt. bittercress G2 S2 High   2016-08-01
Carex concinna Low northern sedge G5 S1   2012-09-12  
Carex davyi Dry-spike sedge G2 S1 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Carex idahoa Idaho Sedge G2G3 S1 Extreme   2017-06-01
Carex klamathensis Klamath sedge G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-01
Carex tahoensis Tahoe sedge G5 S1S2 High 2016-05-11 2016-05-11
Carex tiogana Tioga pass sedge G1 S1 Extreme 2012-11-15 2012-11-15
Carex zikae Short-stemmed sedge G5 S2 Moderate   2020-05-06
Castilleja chambersii Chambers' paintbrush G1 S1 High   2016-08-01
Castilleja chlorotica Green-tinged paintbrush G3? S3? Moderate 2010-08-01 2017-06-01
Castilleja fraterna Fraternal paintbrush G2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Castilleja levisecta Golden paintbrush G1 SX   2012-11-15  
Castilleja mendocinensis Mendocino coast paintbrush G2 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Castilleja oresbia Pale Wallowa paintbrush G3 S2S3 Presumed Stable 2013-04-10 2013-04-02
Castilleja rubida Purple alpine paintbrush G2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Castilleja schizotricha Split-hair paintbrush G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-01
Chaenactis suffrutescens Shasta pincushion G3 S1   2016-04-20  
Chlorocrambe hastata Spearhead G3? S1 High   2020-01-30
Chloropyron maritimus ssp. palustris Pt. Reyes bird's-beak G4T2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Cimicifuga elata var. alpestris Mountain tall bugbane G4T4 S4   2010-03-26  
Collomia mazama Mt. Mazama collomia G4 S4 High 2010-06-20  
Collomia renacta Barren valley collomia G1 S1 Presumed Stable 2012-11-09 2012-11-09
Corydalis aquae-gelidae Cold-water corydalis G3 S3 High 2010-07-10 2016-08-17
Cypripedium fasciculatum Clustered lady's-slipper G4 S2   2010-06-28  
Cryptantha grandiflora Clearwater cryptantha G3? S1S2 Moderate 2019-08-12 2019-08-13
Cryptantha leiocarpa Seaside cryptantha G3G4 S1 Extreme   2020-05-06
Delphinium leucophaeum White rock larkspur G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-01
Delphinium oreganum Willamette Valley larkspur G3Q S1 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Delphinium pavonaceum Peacock larkspur G1Q S1 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Dicentra pauciflora Few-flowered bleedingheart G3? S1 Moderate   2020-01-23
Dodecatheon austrofrigidum Frigid shootingstar G2 S2 Moderate   2016-0-01
Enemion occidentale Western false rue-anemone G3? S1 Less Vulnerable   2020-01-23
Epilobium oreganum Oregon willow-herb G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2013-03-25 2013-03-25
Epilobium siskiyouense Siskiyou willow-herb G3 S2 Moderate   2020-01-22
Eremothera pygmaea Dwarf evening-primrose G3 S1 High   2020-01-22
Ericameria arborescens Golden fleece G4 S1 Less Vulnerable   2020-05-06
Erigeron cevinus Siskiyou daisy G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2020-01-21
Erigeron davisii Englemann's daisy G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Erigeron howellii Howell's daisy G2 S2 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Erigeron latus Broad fleabane G3 S1? Moderate   2017-06-01
Erigeron oreganus Oregon daisy G3 S3 High 2010-07-02 2016-08-01
Erigeron stansellii Stansell's daisy G1 S1 High 2012-10-04 2020-05-06
Eriogonum calcareum   G5 S2S3   2012-10-04  
Eriogonum chrysops Golden buckwheat G2 S2 Less vulnerable 2012-11-19 2015-05-27
Eriogonum crosbyae var. crosbyae Crosby's buckwheat G3T3 S2 High   2020-01-09
Eriogonum crosbyae var. mystrium Pueblo Mountains buckwheat G2 S2   2012-10-10  
Eriogonum cusickii Cusick's eriogonum G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-09
Eriogonum prociduum Prostrate buckwheat G2? S1? Moderate   2016-08-01
Eriogonum villosissimum Acker Rock wild buckwheat G1 S1 Moderate 2012-01-16 2016-08-01
Eriophorum chamissonis Russet cotton-grass G5 S1 High   2020-05-06
Erysimum concinnum Pacific wallflower G3 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Erythranthe hymenophylla Membrane-leaved monkeyflower G2 S1S2 Extreme   2016-08-09
Erythranthe inflatula Disappearing monkeyflower G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2020-01-14
Erythronium elegans Coast Range fawn-lily G2 S2 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Erythronium howellii Howell's adder's-tongue G3 S3 Moderate 2010-07-07 2020-01-14
Eucephalus gormanii Gorman's aster G3 S3 Moderate 2010-07-09 2020-01-07
Eucephalus vialis Wayside aster G3 S3 Less Vulnerable 2010-07-09 2020-01-13
Filipendula occidentalis Queen-of-the-forest G2 S2 Less vulnerable   2016-08-01
Frasera umpquaensis Umpqua swertia G3 S3 Moderate 2009-10-12 2016-08-19
Fritillaria gentneri Gentner's fritillaria G1 S1 Less Vulnerable 2012-11-08 2015-05-27
Gentiana plurisetosa Bristly gentian G2G3 S1 High   2020-01-13
Gentiana setigera Waldo gentian G2 S2 High   2016-08-01
Gilia millefoliata Seaside gilia G2 S1 High 2013-03-06 2013-03-11
Gratiola heterosepala Boggs Lake hedge-hyssop G2 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Hackelia bella Beautiful stickseed G3? S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Hackelia cronquistii Cronquist's stickseed G3 S3 High 2010-07-12 2016-08-19
Hackelia ophiobia Three forks stickseed G3 S1 Moderate   2017-06-01
Hastingsia bracteosa ssp. atropurpurea Purple flowered rush lily G2T2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-01
Hastingsia bracteosa ssp. bracteosa Large-flowered rush lily G2T2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-01
Helianthus bolanderi Bolander's sunflower G4 S2 Moderate 2016-05-13 2016-05-13
Hesperocyparis bakeri Baker's cypress G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Horkelia hendersonii Henderson's horkelia G1G2 S1S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Huperzia miyoshiana Pacific fir-moss G4 S1 Moderate 2016-05-12 2016-05-12
Iliamna latibracteata California globe-mallow G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-02
Ivesia rhypara var. rhypara Grimy ivesia G2T2 S1 High 2013-04-09 2015-05-27
Ivesia rhypara var. shellyi Shelly's ivesia G1G2T1T2 S1S2 High 2013-04-11 2013-04-11
Juncus kelloggii Kellogg's dwarf rush G3? S2? Less Vulnerable 2016-05-13 2016-05-13
Kalmiopsis fragrans North Umpqua kalmiopsis G2 S2 Moderate 2012-11-01 2012-11-01
Lasthenia ornduffii Large-flowered goldfields G2 S2 High   2016-08-01
Lathyrus holochlorus Thin-leaved peavine G2 S2 Less Vulnerable   2016-08-01
Lepidium davisii Davis' peppergrass G3 S1 High   2017-06-01
Lilium occidentale Western lily G1 S1 High 2012-10-16 2012-10-26
Limnanthes pumila ssp. pumila Dwarf wooly meadow-foam G1 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Limonium californicum Western marsh-rosemary G4 S1 Extreme   2019-08-14
Lomatium bentonitum Bentonite biscuitroot G1 S1   2012-10-04  
Lomatium cookii Cook's desert-parsley G1 S1 High 2012-10-22 2015-05-27
Lomatium englemannii Englemann's desert-parsley G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-02
Lomatium erythrocarpum Red-fruited lomatium G1G2 S1S2 Extreme 2012-09-20 2012-09-20
Lomatium greenmanii Greenman's lomatium G1 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Lomatium ochocense Ochoco desert-parsley G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2012-09-12 2012-09-12
Lomatium pastorale Meadow lomatium G1G2 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Lomatium roseanum Rose's lomatium G2G3 S1 Moderate   2017-06-01
Lomatium suksdorfii Suksdorf's desert parsley G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Luina serpentina Colonial luina G3 S3 Extreme 2010-07-31 2016-08-19
Lupinus lepidus var. ashlanensis Mt. Ashland Lupine G1T1 S1 Extreme   2016-08-01
Lupinus lepidus var. cusickii Cusick's lupine G1T1 S1 High 2012-10-15 2012-10-15
Lupinus sabinianus Sabin's lupine G4 S4   2016-04-19  
Meconella oregana White fairypoppy G2G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Mentzelia mollis Smooth mentzelia G2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Mentzelia packardiae Packard's mentzelia G2Q S2 High   2016-08-01
Micranthes hitchcockiana Saddle Mt. saxifrage G1 S1 High   2016-08-01
Mimulus hymenophyllus Membrane-leaf monkeyflower G2 S1S2 Extreme 2012-08-24 2012-09-28
Mimulus patulus Stem-leaved monkeyflower G3Q S2S4 High 2013-04-08 2013-04-08
Mirabilis macfarlanei Macfarlane's four-o'clock G2 S1 Moderate 2013-01-29 2013-01-29
Monardella purpurea Siskiyou monardella G3Q S3 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Myosurus sessilis Sessile mousetail G2 S1 Moderate   2016-08-10
Navarretia willamettensis Willamette navarretia G1 S1 High   2016-08-01
Oenothera wolfii Wolf's evening-primrose G1 S1 High 2012-08-21 2012-09-10
Penstemon barrettiae Barrett's penstemon G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-11
Penstemon deustus var. variabilis Hot-rock penstemon G5T1T2 S1S2 Less Vulnerable   2020-05-12
Penstemon glaucinus Blue-leaved penstemon G3 S3 Less Vulnerable 2010-07-14 2017-06-01
Penstemon peckii Peck's penstemon G3 S3 Less Vulnerable 2010-07-14 2016-08-19
Penstemon perpulcher Beautiful penstemon G3? S1 Less Vulnerable 2010-07-16 2017-06-01
Perideridia erythrorhiza Red-root yapah G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2012-09-06 2012-09-06
Phacelia argentea Silvery phacelia G2 S2 Extreme   2016-08-01
Phacelia inundata Playa phacelia G2 S2 High 2013-02-28 2015-05-27
Phacelia leonis Siskiyou phacelia G2 S1 Moderate 2013-02-28 2013-02-25
Phacelia minutissima Dwaft phacelia G3 S1 High   2017-06-01
Phemeranthus spinescens Spiny flame-flower G4 S2 Moderate   2020-05-12
Pilularia americana American pillwort G5 S2 Moderate   2020-05-12
Plagiobothrys hirtus Rough popcorn flower G1 S1 Extreme 2012-09-04 2012-09-04
Plagiobothrys salsus Desert allocarya G2G3 S1 High   2016-08-19
Pleuropogon oregonus Oregon semaphore grass G1 S1 Extreme 2012-08-22 2012-08-22
Pogogyne floribunda Profuse-flowered mesa mint G4 S1 High   2020-05-12
Prosartes parvifolia Siskiyou fairy bells G2? S1 Less Vulnerable   2016-08-01
Pyrrocoma radiata Snake River goldenweed G3 S3 Moderate 2010-07-26 2017-06-01
Pyrrocoma scaberula Rough pyrrocoma G3 S3 High 2010-07-20 2016-08-11
Ranunculus austrooreganus Southern Oregon buttercup G3 S3 Moderate   2016-08-01
Ranunculus triternatus Obscure Buttercup G2 S1 Presumed Stable 2012-12-07 2012-12-07
Romanzoffia thompsonii Thompson mistmaiden G3 S3 Moderate 2010-07-29 2020-01-09
Rorippa columbiae Columbia Cress G3 S3 Moderate 2010-08-08 2017-06-01
Rubus bartonianus Bartonberry G2 S2 High 2012-12-05 2012-12-05
Saxifragopsis fragarioides Strawberry saxifrage G3? S1 Moderate   2020-01-09
Schoenoplectus subterminalis Water clubrush G5 S2 Moderate   2020-05-12
Scirpus pendulus Drooping bulrush G5 S1 Less Vulnerable   2020-05-12
Sedum moranii Rogue River Stonecrop G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2012-11-20 2012-08-21
Senecio ertterae Ertter's senecio G2 S2 Extreme   2020-01-30
Sericocarpus rigidus White-topped aster G3 S2 Moderate   2017-06-01
Sidalcea hendersonii Henderson's sidalcea G3 S1 Extreme   2017-06-01
Sidalcea hickmanii ssp. petraea Neil Rock sidalcea G3 S1 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-01
Sidalcea hirtipes Bristly-stemmed Sidalcea G2 S2 High   2016-08-08
Silene spaldingii Spalding's catchfly G2 S2 High 2013-02-20 2013-02-21
Sisyrinchium hitchcockii Hitchcock's blue-eyed grass G2 S1 Moderate 2013-02-19 2013-02-19
Sisyrinchium sarmentosum Pale blue-eyed grass G1 S1 Moderate 2012-08-23 2015-05-27
Sophora leachiana Western Necklace G2 S2 Moderate   2016-08-02
Stanleya confertiflora Biennial stanleya G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2012-10-03 2012-08-24
Stephanomeria malheurensis Malheur wire-lettuce G1 S1 High 2012-08-27 2012-08-27
Streptanthus howellii Howell's streptanthus G2 S2 Less Vulnerable   2016-08-01
Sullivantia oregana Oregon sullivantia G2 S2 High   2016-08-01
Synthyris schizantha Fringed kittentail G4 SU Moderate   2020-05-12
Tauschia howellii Howell's tauschia G2 S1 Moderate 2014-07-23 2014-07-23
Thelypodium brachycarpum Short-podded thelypody G3 S2 Less Vulnerable   2017-06-02
Thelypodium eucosmum Arrow-leaf thelypody G2 S2 Moderate   2015-05-27
Thelypodium howellii ssp. howellii Howell's thelypody G2T2 S1 Extreme   2016-08-02
Thelypodium howellii ssp. spectabilis Howell's spectacular thelypody G2 T1S1 High 2013-02-14 2013-02-19
Trifolium douglasii Douglas's clover G2 S2 Moderate 2013-02-11 2013-02-11
Trifolium leibergii Leiberg's clover G2 S2 Presumed Stable 2013-01-30 2013-01-30
Trifolium owyheense Owyhee clover G2 S2S3 High 2022-04-08 2015-05-27
Utricularia gibba Humped bladderwort G5 S1 Less Vulnerable   2019-08-14
Utricularia minor Lesser bladderwort G5 S4   2013-09-16