TitleNative plant conservation along Oregon's coast
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsPavlis D
Series TitleBeyond Your Front Door Northwest
Date Published06/2023

Some of Oregon's important native plants are in peril due to rising temperatures and the spread of non-native invasive plants that out-compete them for habitat. Join me this week with Portland State University's Botany Program Manager, Dr. Gabriel Campbell to learn about some of the work being done to save Oregon's most endangered plant species.

Gabriel works at Portland State University where he is the Botany Program Manager at the OR Biodiversity Information Center, Director of the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank, aquatic botanist for the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, and also teaches a few classes on seeds and wetland plants. Gabriel's work with plants includes working as a field botanist, a native plant grower and landscaper, and as a researcher. Well be talking about the work being done here on the coast to help conserve native plants including management of invasive species.

Also on this show - "Around the Campfire" featuring U.S. Forest Service, Siuslaw National Forest, Ranger, Tommy Rodriguez (on Snowy Plovers) and Oregon Wild Senior Conservation Advocate Chandra LeGue (on the habitat web of ancient forests).


Interview with INR Botany Program Manager Gabriel Campbell. Listen to recording.