TitleConservation Assessment for Fungi Included in Forest Service Region 6 Sensitive and BLM Oregon and Washington Special Status Species Programs: Appendix V. Descriptions of Ecosystem Scale Forest Mycology Experiments
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsCushman K, Huff R, Lau H, Dewey R, Russell M
Series TitleInteragency Special Status and Sensitive Species Conservation Assessment
Pagination16 pp
Date Published06/2020
InstitutionInstitute for Natural Resources

Despite the difficulty of implementing forest mycology experiments at the stand scale, there have been a number of forestry experiments that have included fungal communities as a response. The results need to be interpreted in the context of the characteristics of the ecosystem and plant community of the site, the fungal sampling methodology, and the amount of time the fungal community developed after the experimental treatment was applied. A list and description of each study follows.


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