TitleChecklist of Mosses of Oregon
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsChristy JA, Wagner DH
Series TitleOregon Biodiversity Information Center, Institute for Natural Resources
Date Published03/2014
InstitutionInstitute for Natural Resources
Keywordsbotany, bryophyte, checklist, mosses, Oregon

This list is based on Christy et al. (1982) and supersedes earlier online versions. Additions to the flora since 1982 are marked by asterisks, with the earliest known verified sources noted in square brackets. Currently, 511 taxa and 167 genera are known to occur in the flora.
Unless noted otherwise, nomenclature conforms to published (Volume 27) and provisional (Volume28) treatments for the Bryophyte Flora of North America (BFNA). Volume 28 is now in press and provisional treatments are no longer visible on the BFNA website, but links provided with literature citations below are still active for the time being. For genera treated in Volume 28, sources of nomenclature are provided in parentheses following the name of the genus, and will be updated once Volume 28 is published. For convenience, synonyms used by Lawton (1971) and more recent works are provided in square brackets. In general, sources for nomenclatural changes can be found in the
TROPICOS database.
The checklist is followed by annotated lists of taxa excluded from the flora, and taxa expected to occur in Oregon that have been reported from neighboring states. A growing amount of specimen label data are now accessible online from the the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria and the Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria, but these records have not necessarily been verified recently. Increasingly, it is possible to identify the original specimens upon which historical reports were based (Christy et al. 1982; Christy 1983), but all old material needs to be reconfirmed by critical study.


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