One of the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center's main tasks is to list and rank rare, threatened, and endangered species in Oregon. Using our biodiversity database of species occurrences throughout the state and by consulting with agencies, specialists, academics, and citizen scientists, ORBIC reviews and publishes this list every two to three years.

Species ranks are important for natural resource management, prioritization of restoration or conservation efforts, and to highlight species that need more research or protection. The ranks that ORBIC produces are shared internationally through the NatureServe network of natural heritage programs and conservation data centers.

Definitions of ranks, lists, and abbreviations used in the RTE publications can be found on the RTE Definitions page.

Versions of our Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species publication that are available as PDF format are listed below with links to those documents. Paper copies of older editions of the book may be available. Details on obtaining printed copies from Odin Ink at PSU are at the bottom of the page.

Oregon Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species Publications

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Species Lists in PDF and Spreadsheet Format

These spreadsheets contain the same information in the RTE publication, but in an easily sortable format. Files are Microsoft Office and Open Office compatible.

A note on federal status: in the book and the PDF lists, federal status is reported on the state level. In the Excel lists, federal status is reported on the national level. For example, Columbia spotted frog is a federal Candidate in Oregon (C), but other populations in the US do not have this status, so its national federal status is partial status (PS).

2013 RTE Lists

Category PDF List Excel Sheet
Vascular Plants Vascular Plant List 2013-vascs.xlsx
Non-vascular Plants/Fungi Non-Vascular Plant/Fungi List 2013-nonvascs.xlsx
Vertebrate Animals Vertebrate Animal List 2013-verts.xlsx*
Invertebrate Animals Invertebrate Animal List 2013-inverts.xlsx**
Ecoregion Map OR Ecoregion and County Map N/A
Codes Used 2013 Codes N/A
County Names and Abbreviations   ORCountyAbbrev.xlsx
Summary of Vascular Changes N/A 2013-vasc-rank-changes.xls
Summary of Non-Vascular Changes N/A 2013-nonvasc-changes.xls

2010 RTE Lists

Category PDF List Excel Sheet
Vascular Plants Vascular Plant List 2010-vascs.xls
Non-vascular Plants/Fungi Non-Vascular Plant/Fungi List 2010-nonvascs.xls
Vertebrates Vertebrate List 2010-verts.xls
Invertebrates Invertebrate List 2010-inverts.xls
Ecoregion Map OR Ecoregion and County Map N/A
Codes Used 2010 Codes N/A

2007 RTE Lists

Category Excel Sheet
Vascular Plants 2007-vascs.xls
Non-vascular Plants/Fungi 2007-nonvascs.xls
Vertebrates 2007-verts.xls
Invertebrates 2007-inverts.xls

2004 RTE Lists

Category Process Notes Excel Sheet
Vascular Plants Vascular Process Notes Vascular Plant List
Non-vascular Plants/Fungi Nonvascular Process Notes Non-Vascular Plant/Fungi List
Vertebrates Vertebrate Process Notes Vertebrate List
Invertebrates Invertebrate Process Notes Invertebrate List

* Prior to 10/10/2013, this file had some errors in the federal status column. These have been corrected in the current file.

** Updated 12/29/2014. Updated distribution of Pterostichus johnsoni and federal status of Euphydryas editha taylori.

Printed Books from Odin Ink

The 2010 and 2013 editions of the RTE book is available for printing from Odin Ink, an on-demand printing company. Printed books are about $7.50, depending on page number, plus shipping and handling. Call Odin Ink at 503.546.1773, fax at 503.725.3800, or e-mail to place your order.

If you are in Portland, you can also visit Odin Ink on the second floor of the Portland State University Bookstore in the urban plaza at SW 4th and SW Hall (1715 SW 5th Avenue Portland, OR 97201). They can print a copy in the bookstore in a few minutes.