Documentation forms for state and global ranks for fungi are provided in the table below. For detailed information on the ranking process, see Ranking Documentation. For a brief description of the meaning of the rank codes, see Rare Species Ranking Definitions. Fields with an en dash ( – ) denotes that the species has not been documented in that state, at least at the time of the assessment. Results are being posted as they are generated, so check back periodically.

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Scientific Name Global Rank Oregon
State Rank
State Rank
State Rank
Albatrellopsis flettii G4 S4 S3 S2 2017-03-09
Albatrellus avellaneus G3 S2 S2 S1 2017-03-09
Albatrellus ellisii G3 S3 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Albatrellus skamanius GU S1     2009-09-21
Aleurodiscus farlowii G3 S1 S1 S1 2017-03-09
Alpova olivaceotinctus G2 S1 S2 2017-03-09
Amanita armillariiformis G3 S2     2010-06-01
Amogaster viridigleba G1 S1     2010-06-01
Arcangeliella crassa G3 S2     2010-06-01
Arcangeliella lactarioides G3 S1     2010-06-01
Arrhenia lobata G5 S1     2010-06-03
Asterophora lycoperdoides G4 S2S3 S2S3 S2 2017-03-09
Asterophora parasitica G3G4 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Baeospora myriadophylla G3 S1 S3 S1S2 2017-03-09
Balsamia alba G3 S2     2010-06-03
Balsamia nigrens G2G3 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Balsamia platyspora G3 S1     2010-06-04
Bondarzewia mesenterica G4Q S4 S3S4 S3 2017-03-09
Bridgeoporus nobilissimus G2G3 S2 S2 S1 2017-03-09
Cantharellus subalbidus G4 S3 S3 S3 2017-04-22
Catathelasma ventricosum G4 S2 S3 S2 2017-03-09
Cazia flexiascus G2 S1     2010-06-04
Chalciporus piperatus G4 S3S4 S4 S3S4 2017-03-09
Chamonixia caespitosa G3? S2 S2 S1 2017-03-09
Choiromyces alveolatus G2G3 S2 S1 S2 2017-03-09
Choiromyces venosus G4? S1 S1 2017-08-08
Chroogomphus loculatus G2Q S2 2017-08-08
Chrysomphalina grossula G3 S2 S2 S1 2017-08-08
Clavariadelphus ligula G4 S3 S3 S1? 2017-08-08
Clavariadelphus occidentalis G4 S3 S4 S3 2017-04-22
Clavariadelphus sachalinensis G4 S3 S2 S2 2014-04-22
Clavariadelphus subfastigiatus G3 S2 S1 S1 2017-04-22
Clavariadelphus truncatus G5 S3 S3 S3 2017-04-22
Clavulina castaneipes var. lignicola G3 S2 S2 2017-04-22
Clitocybe senilis G4Q S1 S2 S1 2017-03-09
Clitocybe subditopoda G3 S1 S3 S1 2017-03-09
Collybia bakerensis G4 S3 S3 S3 2017-03-09
Conocybe subnuda G4? S1     2010-06-04
Cortinarius barlowensis G3 S2 S3 2017-03-09
Cortinarius boulderensis G3 S2 S3 S1 2017-03-09
Cortinarius cyanites G3Q S1S2 S3 S2 2017-08-18
Cortinarius depauperatus G3? S1 S1 S1 2017-08-25
Cortinarius magnivelatus G3 S3 S2 2017-01-11
Cortinarius olympianus G3 S3 S3 S2 2017-01-12
Cortinarius rainierensis G3G4 S1 S1? 2017-03-09
Cortinarius tabdularis G2G3 S1 S1 2017-03-09
Cortinarius umidicola G2?   S1   2017-03-09
Cortinarius valgus G3 S1 S2 2017-03-09
Cortinarius variipes G3 S1 S3   2017-03-09
Cortinarius verrucisporus G3 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Cortinarius wiebeae G1 S1 2017-03-09
Craterellus tubaeformis G4G5 S3S4 S3S4 S3 2016-12-10
Dendrocollybia racemosa G3G4 S2 S3 S2 2017-03-09
Dermocybe humboldtensis G2 S1 S1 2017-01-18
Destuntzia fusca G2G3 S1   S2 2017-03-09
Destuntzia rubra G2 S1   S2 2017-03-09
Dichostereum boreale G1 S1 2017-01-30
Elaphomyces anthracinus G3 S1 2017-01-30
Elaphomyces decipiens G3 S3     2010-06-04
Elaphomyces subviscidus G2 S1 2017-01-19
Endogone acrogena G2 S2 2017-03-09
Endogone oregonensis G2 S2 2017-03-09
Entocybe nitida G3G4 S1 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Fayodia bisphaerigera G3Q S1 S3 S2 2017-03-09
Fevansia aurantiaca G2 S2 2017-03-09
Galerina atkinsoniana G4G5 S4 S4 S1 2017-03-09
Galerina cerina G4 S3 S3 S2 2017-03-09
Galerina fuscobrunnea G1 S1     2010-06-09
Galerina heterocystis G4Q S2 S3 S2S3 2017-03-09
Genea compacta G2 S1     2010-10-04
Glomus pubescens G3 S1     2010-10-06
Gymnomyces monosporus G1 S1     2010-10-06
Hebeloma occidentale G1 S1     2010-10-06
Hebeloma oregonense G1 S1     2010-10-11
Hebeloma parcivelum G1 S1     2010-10-10
Hebeloma pungens G1 S1     2010-10-10
Hemimycena pseudocrispula G3 S1     2010-10-10
Hygrophorus albicarneus G1 S1     2010-10-11
Hygrophorus albiflavus G1 S1     2010-10-11
Lactarius crassus G3 S2S3 S2S3 2017-03-09
Lactarius lactarioides G2G3 S2? S2? 2017-03-09
Lactarius silviae G2G3 S2S3 S1S2 2017-03-09
Leptonia violaceonigra G2 S1     2010-08-25
Martellia medlockii G1 S1     2010-06-14
Muscinupta laevis G3? S1 S2 2017-01-10
Mycena gaultheri G1 S1     2010-06-14
Neoalbatrellus caeruleoporus G2G3 S2 S1 S1 2017-03-09
Nolanea verna var. isodiametrica T3 S1     2010-06-15
Octaviania cyanescens G1 S1     2010-05-31
Omphalina isabellina G1 S1     2010-06-15
Pachycudonia monticola G3G4 S3 S2 S1 2018-02-08
Phaeocollybia dissiliens G3 S3     2010-06-15
Phaeocollybia lilacifolia G3 S2S3     2010-06-15
Radiigera bushnellii G1 S1     2010-06-16
Ramaria coulterae G3 S2     2010-06-16
Ramaria rubribrunnescens G2 S2     2010-06-16
Rhizopogon abietis G3 S2     2010-08-04
Rhizopogon alexsmithii G2 S2 S1 S1 2017-03-09
Rhizopogon atroviolaceus G2 S2     2010-08-06
Rhizopogon bacillisporus G4 S3     2010-08-06
Rhizopogon brunneiniger G3 S2     2010-08-06
Rhizopogon clavitisporus G3 S3     2010-08-09
Rhizopogon flavofibrillosus G3 S2     2010-08-10
Rhizopogon rogersii G3 S3     2010-08-10
Rhizopogon semireticulatus G3 S3     2010-08-11
Rhizopogon semitectus G2 S1     2010-08-11
Rhizopogon subcinnamomeus G2 S1     2010-08-11
Rhizopogon subclavitisporus G2 S2     2010-08-12
Rhizopogon subpurpurascens G3 S2S3     2010-08-16
Rhizopogon variabilisporus G2 S1     2010-08-16
Rubroboletus haematinus G3 S2 S1 S2 2017-03-09
Rubroboletus pulcherrimus G3 S3 S2 S2 2017-03-09
Sclerotinia veratri G3G4 S1     2010-08-17
Squamanita paradoxa G3 SH     2010-08-17
Stephensia bynumii G1 S1     2010-08-17
Tolypocladium ophioglossoides G4 S2 S3 S1 2017-03-09