Documentation forms for Oregon state and global ranks for fungi are provided in the table below. For detailed information on the ranking process, see Ranking Documentation. For a brief description of the meaning of the rank codes, see Rare Species Ranking Definitions.

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Fungi and Lichens

Scientific Name Common Name Global Rank State Rank Rank Date
Albatrellus skamanius Fungus GU S1 2009-09-21
Alpova olivaceotinctus Fungus G3 S1 2010-05-31
Amanita armillariiformis Fungus G3 S2 2010-06-01
Amogaster viridigleba Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-01
Arcangeliella crassa Fungus G3 S2 2010-06-01
Arcangeliella lactarioides Fungus G3 S1 2010-06-01
Arrhenia lobata Fungus G5 S1 2010-06-03
Balsamia alba Fungus G3 S2 2010-06-03
Balsamia platyspora Fungus G3 S1 2010-06-04
Bridgeoporus nobilissimus Giant polypore fungus G3 S3 2010-06-02
Cazia flexiascus Fungus G2 S1 2010-06-04
Conocybe subnuda Fungus G4? S1 2010-06-04
Dendrocollybia racemosa Fungus G4 S3? 2010-06-03
Elaphomyces decipiens Fungus G3 S3 2010-06-04
Elaphomyces subviscidus Fungus G2G3 S1S2 2010-06-04
Endogone oregonensis Fungus G2 S2 2010-06-09
Fevansia aurantiaca Fungus G2   2010-05-31
Galerina fuscobrunnea Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-09
Genea compacta Fungus G2 S1 2010-10-04
Glomus pubescens Fungus G3 S1 2010-10-06
Gymnomyces monosporus Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-06
Hebeloma occidentale Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-06
Hebeloma oregonense Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-11
Hebeloma parcivelum Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-10
Hebeloma pungens Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-10
Hemimycena pseudocrispula Fungus G3 S1 2010-10-10
Hygrophorus albicarneus Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-11
Hygrophorus albiflavus Fungus G1 S1 2010-10-11
Leptonia violaceonigra Fungus G2 S1 2010-08-25
Martellia medlockii Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-14
Mycena gaultheri Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-14
Nolanea verna var. isodiametrica Fungus T3 S1 2010-06-15
Octaviania cyanescens Fungus G1 S1 2010-05-31
Omphalina isabellina Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-15
Phaeocollybia dissiliens Fungus G3 S3 2010-06-15
Phaeocollybia lilacifolia Fungus G3 S2S3 2010-06-15
Radiigera bushnellii Fungus G1 S1 2010-06-16
Ramaria coulterae Fungus G3 S2 2010-06-16
Ramaria rubribrunnescens Fungus G2 S2 2010-06-16
Rhizopogon abietis Fungus G3 S2 2010-08-04
Rhizopogon atroviolaceus Fungus G2 S2 2010-08-06
Rhizopogon bacillisporus Fungus G4 S3 2010-08-06
Rhizopogon brunneiniger Fungus G3 S2 2010-08-06
Rhizopogon clavitisporus Fungus G3 S3 2010-08-09
Rhizopogon flavofibrillosus Fungus G3 S2 2010-08-10
Rhizopogon rogersii Fungus G3 S3 2010-08-10
Rhizopogon semireticulatus Fungus G3 S3 2010-08-11
Rhizopogon semitectus Fungus G2 S1 2010-08-11
Rhizopogon subcinnamomeus Fungus G2 S1 2010-08-11
Rhizopogon subclavitisporus Fungus G2 S2 2010-08-12
Rhizopogon subpurpurascens Fungus G3 S2S3 2010-08-16
Rhizopogon variabilisporus Fungus G2 S1 2010-08-16
Sclerotinia veratri Fungus G3G4 S1 2010-08-17
Squamanita paradoxa Fungus G3 SH 2010-08-17
Stephensia bynumii Fungus G1 S1 2010-08-17